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Decluttering Empowerment + Organizing Magic

Private 1:1 + group programs available 

Together, we can:

  • Explore your personal blocks with clutter
  • Create your roadmap to organizational success
  • Prioritize next best action steps + accountability  
  • Optimize work-life balance flow and more fun
  • Make more time & space for what you truly want
  • Shift from scarcity to abundant mindset
  • Enjoy more calm, clarity, confidence & creativity 
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With group support, you also get:

  • A community of like-minded folks who share similar challenges & goals 
  • 90 minute group class & coaching each week on Zoom 
  • Online course with videos + focused assignments
  • Accountability buddies
  • 24/7 online portal


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Hello!! I'm Ashley Moon, proud mama of two businesses I freakin love:

Creatively Neat helps you declutter & organize so you can truly focus, flow and thrive! We've serviced over 1,000 clients in person and online. From artists and professionals, to celebrities and everyday people. 

Ash Moon explores the energetic and spiritual realms for deeper clarity, healing and guidance. From HBO and Kiva events, to big festivals and private parties, I've had the pleasure of being their intuitive reader. These days, all online! Click here for more info.

I combine professional organizing, coaching, and counseling to help you melt away clutter, stress, and overwhelm so you can have more time and space for what truly matters most in life. I help you connect with your purpose and potential, so you can stay activated and aligned on your path.

I have private and group programs and am happy to customize. My free Workbook Journal (above) is like the guidebook curriculum I use with clients, check it out! 

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"Great investment. And more peace of mind!

I feel more clear and comfortable in my home - and confident to have friends over.

Most importantly this experience opened me up to creativity and everything else that had been cluttered inside of me, reflected through my space.

I highly recommend Ashley for getting rid of all the baggage "literally" that holds us back from getting to the next phase of our own growth and creativity."


She is a real pro and pure joy to work with! She is very talented with a unique skill set.

Her organizational skills are amazing. Add to that her intuitive abilities, coaching skills, and her sweet, fun, supportive personality and voilá...you've got a one of a kind expert who will help you transform your life!

Working with Ashley is a blessing~ she is the real deal!